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Social Distancing?

Treehouse Filmworks has put together a CUSTOM BUILT "CORONA COVID-EO PRODUCTION KIT"

We recognize many of you need to frequently reach your clients in these challenging times so that you may continue offering your services and communicate information.

We also recognize that video messaging is a skilled art that requires unique talents, equipments, and knowledge.  

That is why we have built a video "CORONA COVID-EO PRODUCTION KIT" designed to be EASY, PRODUCTIVE, and AFFORDABLE. 

It may not be the vaccine, but it will help "flatten the curve!"


This kit will get you up and running with your current smart phone or mobile device.

With these item in this kit, you will be able to shoot quality video (with minimal to no editing) and upload directly to your preferred video messaging platform ALL FROM ONE DEVICE!

Feel free to reach out to us with any specific needs or help.

As always, we are also here to offer professional film-related services.


Together, we will channel this virus into viral videos.


COVID-EO Production


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