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Who We Are


The What:

Treehouse Filmworks produces cinematic commercials and promotional films for broadcast, social media, internet marketing. 

We produce engaging stories by harnessing the power of film.

Treehouse offers every client a competitive marketing advantage by utilizing unparalleled talent, creativity, and production expertise to transform ideas into compelling cinematic content.  







Digital marketing is crucial to your success. The most effective way to bring your passion to the masses is through online and social media presence and digital filmmaking is our megaphone through which you are heard. 


Our promotional films tell stories and connect you with your audience in ways that develop everlasting relationships and grow your brand or business to new heights!

The Why:

The How:

With the latest and greatest filmmaking technology, we can create for you stunning promotional content customized to fit your needs. We bring your passion to life through 4k resolution digital film and craft your unique story through editing, color correction, and sound design.

We do everything in-house. From script writing and storyboarding, to cinematography and all the way through delivery, you will have open and immediate communication with us to ensure a constant connection with how your story is being told.




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